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Lake County Contacts

Courthouse Mailing Address:       513 Center Street
                                                            Lake view, OR 97630

Lake County Contact List by Department
Department Department Manager Office Phone Email
Airports David Berman 541.947.6071
*Assessor/Tax Collector Dave Knowles 541.947.6000
Building Department Jennifer Stephens 541.947.6033

Business Department Jay Collins 541.947.6073
Commissioners Office Melanie Lasley 541.947.6003
     *Mark Albertson Commissioner 541.947.6004
     *James Williams Commissioner 541.947.6002
     *Barry Shullanberger Commissioner 541.947.6005
Community Corrections Jake Greer 541.947-6056

*County Clerk/Recorder Stacie Geaney 541.947.6006
*District Attorney Ted Martin 541.947.6009


Economic Development    


Fairgrounds Ronne Lindsay 541.947.2925
Landfill Buddy Kness 541.947.6981
Land Use / Planning Darwin Johnson Jr. 541.947.6036

Juvenile Services Jake Greer 541.947.6066
Mental Health Lake Health District 541.947.6021  
Museum Marie Lee 541.947.2220

Property and Facilities Dave Berman 541.947.6071

Public Health Judy Clarke 541.947.6045  
Railroad David Berman 541.947.6071
Road Superintendent Kevin Hock 541.947.6048
*Sheriff/Jail/Search and Rescue Michael Taylor 541.947.6027
*Surveyor Darryl Anderson 541.947.6037
*Treasurer Ann Crumrine 541.947.6030
Veteran's Services Charlie Pike 541.947.6043
Water Master Brian Mayer 541.947.6038
Website Melanie Lasley 541.947.6003
*Elected Official