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Tax Credits

Enterprise Zone Program (Lakeview, OR):


100% property tax exemption for new construction and equipment installed in the plant or on property for a minimum period of three years up to 15 years with certain requirements. 


Tax exemption can be extended for  additional years at the discretion of local zone sponsors.  Employee compensation must be 150% of the average wage of Lake County.



Enterprise Zone businesses may negotiate to lease or purchase land or buildings that are owned by Lake County or the Town of Lakeview if the property is developed for pre-certified use.


Manufacturing and distribution are eligible services.

 Rural Renewable Energy Development Zone:

A 3- to 5-year exemption from property taxes on new investments with renewable energy such as; solar farms, geothermal wells, wind-energy farms, biofuel production and other eligible projects throughout all of Lake County.

Oregon Strategic Investment Program: 


Designed to attract large scale investments to Oregon's key industries.


Exempts a major portion of large investments from property taxes with local approval.


Manufacturer pays community a service fee equal to 25% of the abated taxes up to a maximum of $2 million annually.

Construction in Progress Program


New commercial facilities will be exempt from property taxes while they are under construction and not in use on July 1st of taxing years.


Valid for two years for manufacturing projects.


Exemption also applies to machinery and equipment.