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Lake County Board of Commissioners


The Lake County Board of Commissioners is comprised of three elected individuals appointed to four year overlapping terms. Lake County is a non-district County and as such, all Commissioners serve as countywide appointments.  The Board’s duties include executive, judicial (quasi-judicial) and legislative authority over policy matters of countywide concern.


The executive duties include the preparing and monitoring of the budget, membership appointments to numerous county committees and overseeing those activities, and adopting and enacting ordinances and policies.  This Board also works closely with other agencies on issues directly affecting agriculture, environment and economics within Lake County.




KEN KESTNER, 2017 Commissioner





 Commissioner Shoun


DAN SHOUN, 2017 Chair





 Commissioner Winters


 BRADLEY J. WINTERS, 2017 Vice-Chair



 Be sure to check our Agenda's for items of interest and plan on attending one of our sessions.  We appreciate your input!



Denise Thorsted
Administrative Assistant
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Lakeview, OR 97630
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