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Lake County is an equal opportunity employer. Accommodations and/or assistance will be provided for any applicant with sensory and non-sensory impairments by calling the telephone numbers listed on the job announcements. 

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Lake County 

Lake County is accepting applications for a Custodian to provide general custodial and light maintenance duties in County-owned facilities.  Assists the Facilities Maintenance staff with light maintenance and ‘helper’ duties when needed. 

This is a non-exempt, part time position.  Works under the direction of the Assistant to the Commissioners.  Must have a high school diploma or GED, and 3 years of custodial and/or maintenance experience. 

Pay: $12.00--$16.00 per hour, depending on experience.  19.5 hours per week, Monday through Friday.  

Accepting applications until 5:00 pm, Friday, May 4th.  Applications and complete job description available online at, or at 513 Center Street, Lakeview OR.  For questions, please call Jay Collins at (541) 947-6073.

Click Here for Full Job Description


Lake County Veteran Services

FLSA Status:   Non-Exempt 

Union Status:   Non-Classified 

Supervision Exercised:   None 

Supervision Received:   Works under the supervision of the Lake County Veteran Service Officer.

Overview of Position:  

The Administrative Assistant works as a general liaison for the Veteran Services Office by screening phone calls, triaging veterans’ and family member’s needs, providing general information, scheduling appointments, assisting in the development/maintenance of related program information and resources, and serving as community contact to provide program information for both Veteran and Aging programs.  In most cases the Administrative Assistant will be the first person the public interacts with when accessing the Veteran Service Office.   

Work Environment:  

Work is generally performed in an office environment when dealing with clients, although work may include going with a Veteran Service Officer (VSO) to meet with veterans in their place of work or in their residence, hospital or nursing home as needed.  A substantial part of work may involve telephone calls, emails, and other correspondence.  A considerable amount of time may be spent de-escalating veterans or family members who are physically and mentally struggling with understanding the VA process, the VSO’s role, and transitioning from military to civilian life. 

Click Here for the Full Job Description

Deputy District Attorney

Lake County


Prosecutes misdemeanor and felony caseloads.  Reviews police reports and requests follow-up investigations as necessary; charges offenses by information or indictment.  Performs intake duties from submission of reports by police, to final resolution; drafts legal documents such as motions, orders, memoranda, diversion agreements, and search and arrest warrants with supporting affidavits.


Reviews police reports and requests follow-up investigations as necessary; charges offenses by information or indictment.

Performs intake duties.

Drafts legal documents such as motions, orders, memoranda, diversion agreements, and search and arrest warrants with supporting affidavits.

Participates in case negotiations with defense attorneys which involves analyzing the case to determine its overall strength, evaluating the number and kinds of witnesses available, and determining what resolution is appropriate.

Prepares for hearings and trials in Circuit Court by reviewing reports, legal issues, and physical evidence surrounding the case, identifying and interviewing witnesses, conferring with police officers, and preparing trial notes.

Appears in Court to represent the State by presenting evidence and argument at arraignments, preliminary hearings, pretrial conferences, hearings on motions, trials, sentencing, and Grand Jury proceedings.

Conducts legal research necessary for case preparation; keeps abreast of Court decisions and legislation affecting the Oregon Criminal Code.

Serves as primary prosecutor for misdemeanor offenses which includes DUII and misdemeanor assaults, thefts, etc., and may occasionally be required to prosecute some felony cases.

Handles civil commitment hearings and traffic cases when necessary.

Pursuant to ORS 8.780, each Deputy DA shall have the same qualifications as the District Attorney, and subject to the direction of the District Attorney, has the same functions as the District Attorney.  Deputy District Attorneys shall serve at the direction and discretion of the District Attorney and shall perform any and all job functions assigned by the District Attorney.


This is a salaried, exempt, non-union position.  Salary range: $4,975 - $6,477.


The normal work schedule is 8 hours per day 5 days per week, but exact schedules are assigned by management.  It is the attendance standard of the employer that all employees be present and on time each shift they are scheduled to work.  Full or partial absence during any scheduled shift, arriving late, or leaving early, for whatever reason, may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.  Time off may be approved if allowed by applicable policies covering illness, injury, or personal emergency.